Corporate philosophy

Corporate philosophy

Company: Corporate philosophy


Since its creation in 1967 Electrostart has managed to combine ambition, experience and development options along with its leading position in the business.


Our main goal is to produce and offer modern, high-quality solutions when it comes to light, not without the help of the close partnership we hold with our affiliates. By doing this we generate growth along with sound global reputation, having both of them contributing to ensure the completion of the personal goals and dreams of both shareholders and employees.


Speaking of a mission, we perceive our individual actions unifying over our common will and need to offer the best solution and product quality to our customers. Such consolidated work is at the base of our corporate culture, one made out of fair and good relations between us, as well as with our partners and customers.




Electrostart is a world leader, stable and innovative manufacturer for lighting components.


We are a trusted and sought out partner, with the Electrostart trademark being a synonym of quality, value and progress.


With our work we contribute to the environment care, we help the personal development of our employees and the socio-economic growth in Bulgaria, the region and Europe as a whole.


In its activities Electrostart is led by the main principles of high professional level, corporate moral and transparency of our actions. We make business believing that it is the deeds that show a company’s face as a member of the corporate society.


We rely on sustainable practices when managing our business, since we believe that this is the only way for making our vision come alive – being responsible leaders and providing our successors with the experience required to maintain such position.




We work for the responsible accomplishment of our mission. We are responsible for everything created by us, for our customers, suppliers, colleagues and managers. We work and live with responsibility towards the nature, our and others’ health.


Our organization’s culture is based on mutual trust. We owe our accomplishments to team work, cooperation and staying positive. We believe that the most valued capital in our company is the individuals.


In our decisions and actions we are led solely by the common professional criteria. Relying on our tradition and experience we are going forward steadily and with confidence. And our partners appreciate it staying with us for over 45 years.


We develop. We perfect our skills and add to our knowledge constantly. We value our human potential and all of our actions are aimed towards constant perfection and leadership.

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