CSR Policy

CSR Policy

Company: Social Responsibility CSR Policy

Basic principles

In its CSR policy Electrostart JSCo is led by the following principles:

  • Unconditional protection of the human rights.
  • Stimulating and supporting initiatives that contribute the personal and social-economic development.
  • Keeping a constant dialogue in and out of the company in order to ensure that our initiatives are correctly directed, correspond to the local conditions and generate a positive outcome for the society, as well as for the company.
  • Integrity in the activities, consistency of the initiatives and long-term engagements.
  • Keeping high ethical standards in the personal as well as in the business relations. Working against and strictly prohibiting any attempts for bribing and corruption.

Declaration on support

Electrostart JSCo welcomes and accepts offers for support in:

a) The field of science;

b) Educational initiatives;

c) Helping the development of artistic and sports talents;

d) Projects that contribute to environment care and biodiversity;

e) Projects that help the urban development and the social-economic advancement of the area.


Declaration on non-support

Electrostart JSCo would not support:

a) Initiatives that do not belong to the fields listed in its CSR policy;

b) Initiatives that stand against its corporate values and principles;

c) Religious initiatives;

d) Initiatives that aren’t provided with strong arguments on their purpose and function;

e) Initiatives that are non-transparent or lead to unknown results;

f) Electrostart JSCo does not organize and won’t organize initiatives for fiscal contributions (charities) for people outside the company, either from its own name or an affiliate. Electrostart JSCo supports only financial charity initiatives that concern solely the company and are carried out at “inside” basis, regarding employees and their families. Each case is analysed and estimated individually.


Who can apply?

  • Electrostart JSCo supports and encourages its employees to be active and initiate projects and events that correspond to the principles that govern the company’s CSR policy.
  • External parties that need financing or other support on projects that correspond to the company’s policy.


Applying procedure

All individuals, no matter if they are Electrostart JSCo employees or not, that would like to get support on their projects, need to send a written application at least 4 months before the start of the respective event or initiative. All written applications need to hold the following information:

  1. Details on the organization/ individual with a full address and contact info.
  2. A short description of the organization’s activity, its former initiatives (if such are present).
  3. A description of the initiative which the application concerns, including its aims, schedule and public.
  4. Reasons for the financing application.
  5. An explanation on how the financial support will be used.
  6. Details from the marketing and any other surveys, in cases when such were carried out.
  7. Details on organizations and/ or individuals that had supported previous initiatives.
  8. Details on the media support or representation, in case such is available
  9. The written applications must be addressed and sent to:



Finance, Human Resources and Administration Department

2, Republika blvd.

3540 Varshets

e-mail: hr@electrostart.com


Evaluation procedure of the received applications


  1. Each received application that corresponds to the requirements is revised individually by a special commission, constituted with an order of the Executive Manager of Electrostart JSCo, led by the manager of “Human resources and administration”, not longer than a month after it has been received.
  2. All applications are evaluated using a specially approved estimation scale, according to their correspondence to the laws and the company’s CSR policy, their motives and realization potential, the economic risk for the company, the expected effect on the beneficent and the corporate reputation.
  3. The concerned parties are informed in written form on the decision taken using the provided contacts, in a period of 10 days after it has been taken.
  4. The commission’s decision on each separate project is final. This does not prevent future financing applications in cases when the current was declined at that point.


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