Working at Electrostart

Working at Electrostart

Human resources: Working at Electrostart

“Electrostart is really a great place to work at” – this is what the young experts say after spending a couple of months in the company. We achieve that by following a few really simple principles that lead us in every our action.

Consistently and constantly we help the individual development of our employees, providing the possibility for them to show their talents and thus achieving professional success. We work in the atmosphere of an ideal team environment, based on mutual trust and responsibility. We do the things the right way, meanwhile appreciating the spirit of discovery and innovative enthusiasm. We also support modernized systems on human resource management, which are constantly renovated according the requirements of our employees and the social environment as a whole. We could also acknowledge and praise our management that is turned toward the people and in the meantime manages to find the right and timely solutions.

This is how we are and continue to be a wanted employer, an employer you could trust.


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